JL Market Research, LLC

What do you need to know?

If you have questions… about your product, your service, your customers, your place in the market or other issues affecting your business, JL Market Research has the answers.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and marketing research, you can depend on us to provide you with timely, accurate and understandable market research.

We offer the right research to meet your needs, whether it's qualitative or quantitative. With experience in researching customer satisfaction, product design, new product development, advertising testing, opinion polls, and public perception and awareness, we can handle your project.

What makes us different from the rest?

We value our client relationships

We deliver outstanding client service combined with the responsiveness and innovative thinking that back our commitment to delivering superior service to every client. Our focus on building relationships is marked by our flexibility, our careful attention to client needs, and unrelenting attention to quality.

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