JL Market Research, LLC

Who we are:

JL Market Research is a Montana-based company that has worked with a variety of businesses including retail, academic, financial services, government, health care, charitable organizations, telecommunications and special interest groups. All your market research needs are handled in a professional, confidential and efficient manner. We have over 20 years experience in marketing and survey research in the areas of customer satisfaction, product design, new product development, advertising testing, opinion polls, and public perception and awareness.

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What we do:

We work collaboratively with clients to tailor your research to your business model and target markets, striving to help you achieve your goals and objectives. The focus is on producing research results that support corrective actions and strategic initiatives. We also collaborate with clients and their management teams to formulate strategic and operational plans based on research findings. If you need assistance with all or part of your market research project, we're happy to help. We can be as involved in your team as you'd like us to be and can handle market research from planning through implementing the results, or we can assist with just a part of the process, which ever best meets your needs.

How this helps you:

The understandable, actionable intelligence produced by our research identifies opportunities for you to resolve problems, give your customers added value, and leverage your current competitive advantage, no matter what type of business you work in. This helps your organization stay profitable by keeping current customers while attracting new ones as a result of targeted research. By having information about your key customers - and their expectations and experiences with your organization - you can target potential customers for your products and services.

Sound Advice

If you need additional consulting regarding your market research, we can help you determine the strategies and implementation methods that put your results into action. We are proud to be members of the American Marketing Association, QRCA, and the Marketing Research Association.

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